Mobile communications Over Internet Protocol is designed to be totally mobile-centric, and is optimized specifically for mobile-handsets environment rather than the PC. MoIP unlike mobile VoIP, is not a VoIP program made accessible from mobile phones or a switchboard application using VoIP in the background buts it's a form of peer-to-peer communications found on users' handsets, used to conduct talk and chat over the internet connection as its primary channel via standard mobile communications applications including 3G, GPRS and Wifi.

Most MoIP applications work without any proprietary hardware and are enhanced with real-time contact availability (presence) thereby users save money by utilizing free WiFi internet access or fixed internet data plans instead of GSM (talk) minutes.

MoIP is also sometimes used to refer to:

  • Mobile VoIP
  • Modem over IP or Modem over VoIP.
  • Media over Internet Protocol
  • Meetings Over IP
  • Messaging Over Internet Protocol
  • Missile On Internal Power