Digital Visual Interface

Digital Visual Interface adoption accelerates as Industry prepares for next wave of DVI-Product compliant. DVI is an open industry specification introduced by the DDWG, which enables high-performance, robust interfacing solutions for high-resolution digital displaysThe Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is a display interface developed in response to the proliferation of digital flat-panel-displays. For the most part, these displays are currently connected to analog video graphics array (VGA) interface and, thus, require a double conversion. The digital signal from the computer mustbe converted to an analog signal for the analog VGA interface, then converted back to a digital signal for processing by the flat-panel display. This inherently inefficient process takes a toll on performance and video quality and adds cost.

In contrast, when a flat-panel display is connected to a digital interface, no digital-to-analog conversion is required. The DVI interface is becoming more prevalent and is expected to become widely used for digital display devices, including flat-panel displays and emerging digital CRTs