Sockets are one of the most basic mechanisms of computer networking. Much of today's software relies on low level socket technology. This project includes creating a server application and a client application which uses sockets for communication. In this project, Windows socket programming is implemented using Microsoft Visual C++. The Windows socket specification defines a binary compatible network programming interface. This application permits to communicate across any network that conforms to the windows API. It can exchange data with other sockets in the same communication domain which uses the internet protocol. The sockets utilized by this application are used in the full duplex mode which increases the time sharing.
Capabilities of clint server communication

¨ The server can connect to multiple clients
¨ The server allows all-to-all communication.
¨ If a new client joins ,all the old clients get informed about his arrival whereas the new clients get the list of all the old clients.
¨ If a client quits all the existing clients get informed.

If the server sends a message, all the connected clients receive it. Similarly if the client sends a message , the server and all other clients receive it.