Teleportation is the transmission of a life-size image of a person to appear within a room at a distant location where the person has a telepresence for engaging in natural face to face communication with people at the distant location. The image of the person appears within a 3D environment, can make eye to eye contact with individuals and can hold true two-way conversations. This is a unique system invented by a privately held Richardson based firm by the name Teleportec Inc. They are mainly operating in USA and UK.

Teleportation systems are better than videoconferencing. Videoconferencing has never presented itself as a realistic alternative to face-to-face meetings because of its severe limitations - only one person can speak at any one time creating an amplified feeling of distance between participants. With videoconferencing people feel uncomfortable by being on camera and feel disconnected from the people shown on the screen. Teleprtation gives a sense of presence by achieving eye-to-eye contact with a distant person who is teleported into the room