Semiconductor Devices

Billions of chips in today s computers , automobiles, cellphones , media cards ,and those cleverkey chain memories are powerless when idle , yet they dispense immense data and instructions at the flick of the switch. They are flash kind of memorychips , a type of electrically erasable and programmable read -only memory also used as DRAM, dynamic random access memory. Non volatility , flash s property , is the most crucial for electronic systems like cell phones to hold instructions and data needed to send , receive calls,and store phone numbers.

Electronic products of all types , from micro wave ovens to industrial machinery make use of flash memory . Its programmability is the main feature that lets users add addresses , calender entries and memos to personal digital assistants and erase and reuse the media cards that store pictures taken with a digital camera.But flash technology is being overpowered by technologies bent to prove their dominancy. These random access memories have a little in common. These new RAMS constitute