Abstract Cell

This project of a multihearted CPU or the super computer on a chip, which has opened a new dimension in the era of devices, is a combined undertaking by the corporates giants like the Sony, Thosiba and the IBM (STI). This innovative technology will find its applications in Playstation 3 video game console of Sony, in replacing the existing processors, in the broadband network technology, in boosting the performance of the existing electronic devices. As per the details available this, single chip can perform I trillion floating point operations per second, 1 TFLOP, which is several hundred times faster than a high-end personal computer.

Give more room space for additional hardware resources to perform parallel computations rather than allowing the single threaded performance is the core concept of this project. This means, only minimum resources are allocated to perform the single threaded operations compared to performing more parallelizable multimedia-type computations like the multiple DSP-like processing elements.