Premier Pneumatics serves as the brand name for K-Tron's entire pneumatic conveying and component product line. The former K-Tron PCS and K-Tron Colormax product lines are now sold as part of the Premier Pneumatics brand. Whether your material handling application requires a single component or a complete system, Premier Pneumatics stands ready to be your single source for pneumatic conveying.

Pneumatic conveying equipment serving the following industries:

* Plastics Industry
* Compounding
* Chemical and Mineral Systems
* Food / Ingredient Processing

Pneumatic Conveying Systems:

* Bulk unloading and storage systems for railcar, trucks and bags
* Loaders and Receiver (Vacuum and/or pressure)


* Aerolocks and Accessories
* Valves
* Receivers
* Bin Vents
* Cyclones
* Blower Packages
* Tubing, Adapters, Misc.Tubing, Misc.
* Rail Car Load & Unload Components
* Flow Aids
* In Line Filters
* Butterfly Gates
* Storage Tanks
* Level Indicators
* Automated Control Systems

Sanitary Pneumatic Conveying

Premier offers high quality pneumatic conveying systems and equipment for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and packaging industries.

  • Dust free stainless or mild steel vacuum systems
  • Dense phase vacuum systems for fragile and pre-mixed product
  • Sophisticated controls
  • Positive pressure lean phase systems
  • Specialized powder handling for non free flowing products
  • Turn key systems
  • Abrasion resistant systems
  • High accuracy multi material weighers
  • The P-Series filtered receivers are specially designed for use with powders and friable materials in sanitary applications.

From pick-up spike to piping to receivers and vacuum pumps, Premier offers a wide range of equipment for pneumatic conveying needs, whether for automated refill of feeding systems or as stand alone conveying applications. The following list describes the varied elements available from K-Tron for building a complete conveying system for loss-in-weight feeder refill (pictured in the diagram above).

Material Pick-up
From simple suction wands for free flowing materials to fully fluidized feed bins (1), silo pick-up pots (2) or bag dump stations (3) with prefeeders for powders, Premier offers a wide variety of equipment to ensure reliable material pick-up into the conveying air.

Conveying Line
Connecting one or multiple material pick up stations to a vacuum receiver. To ensure blockage-free conveying, diverter valves (4) and line clearance valves (5) are available in addition to the piping (6).

Vacuum Receivers
Various models of central (7) and self-contained receivers are available to separate the material from the conveying air stream, alternating between suction and discharge modes of operation.

Sequence & Vent Valves
Sequence & vent valves (8) allow the air stream to bypass and vent the vacuum receiver during the discharge cycle.

Pump Packages
Vacuum pump packages include the pump -- regenerative blower (9), sliding vane or rotary lobe blower(10) -- to produce the air stream as well a bypass valve (11) to allow the pump to run while no receiver is conveying and a secondary filter (12) to protect the vacuum pump from entrance of foreign bodies.

HCU/HSU control and operator interface are available to control a single central or self-contained unit. To control the sequence of a multi-component system PLC controls (13) are available which are programmed to suit the client’s process. Siemens, Mitsubishi and Allen Bradley PLC controls are available.