Green Engine

This seminar representing the Green engine effect. That is for increasing the efficiency of the engine and avoiding excessive pollution a new method adopting, a ceramic coating [non-metallic solid coating]is done on the parts like piston and crown of the engine used in automobiles

Factors affecting the efficiency

Incomplete combustion
Carbon deposition
Thermal shocking
Pollution control

For avoiding these factors we adopt the method of ceramic coating on the engine Features of ceramic coating We conduct various process in this coating

1. Physical vapour deposition
2. Chemical vapour deposition
3. Ion plating
4. Spattering


1. This prevents he deposition of carbon over the cylinder head and piston

2. It acts as a thermal barrier which reduces the amount of heat leakage

3. It help complete combustion of fuels

4. It avoids thermal shocking

5. All the factors above contribute increases the efficiency up to 9% and reduction in pollution in a wide rate


1. Additional reactions takes place due to coating.
2. High expense for coating