Night vision technology

Night vision technology was developed by the US defense department mainly for defense purposes ,but with the development of technology night vision devices are being used in day to day lives . In this seminar of mine I wish to bring out the various principles of working of these devices that have changed the outlook both on the warfront and in our common lives. Night Vision can work in two different ways depending on the technology used.
1.Image enhancement- This works by collecting the tiny
amounts of light including the lower portion of the infrared
light spectrum, those are present but may be imperceptible
to our eyes, and amplifying it to the point
that we can easily observe the image.
2:Thermal imaging- This

technology operates by capturing the upper portion of the infrared light spectrum, which is emitted as heat by objects
instead of simply reflected as light. Hotter objects, such
as warm bodies, emit more of this light than cooler objects like
trees or buildings