Magnetic Levitation Train

Transportation is one factor that influence our way of life most and has got a direct impact on a country's economy. Explosive demand for fast intercity transport is strangling urban airport. It was found that the trains with wheels cannot accelerate beyond a certain hint. It exerts heavy dynamic head on the track and at high speeds the wheels begins slipping against the track. This led the scientists to think and develop Maglev trains.

Magnetic levitation trains popularly known as 'Maglevs', is the latest development in the locomotive industry. Maglev does not run on wheels. Therefore they do not have any mechanical limitations to achieving high speed. Two types of Maglevs are discussing in this seminar. One is the electro-magnetic suspension system, which uses the magnetic attraction principle. Other is the electro-dynamic suspension system, which uses the repulsion principle to levitate the train from the guide way.