TurboGears is a Python web 'megaframework' created by bringing together a number of mature components such as MochiKit, SQLObject, CherryPy and Kid, along with some TurboGears specific code to make everything work together easily.
TurboGears was created in 2005 by Kevin Dangoor as the framework being the as yet unreleased Zesty News product, but when he released it as an open source framework in the end of September, the project took off, with more than 30,000 screencast downloads in the first 3 months.
As of March 2006, just six months after its initial release, there were nearly 1,500 users on the high traffic TurboGears mailing list, a book from Prentice Hall in the works, and a number of open source TurboGears applications in the works.
TurboGears is designed around the Model-view-controller architecture, much like Struts or Ruby on Rails, designed to make rapid web application development in Python a lot easier and more maintainable