Bio Telemetry

The present age is the era of wireless communications and mobility has become a key aspect in our lives. The medical field too which emphasises on a comfortable and trouble free life has given weightage to this mobility factor.

Conventional monitoring methods which better the patient to the signal amplification and recording equipment are cumbersome to apply, often interfere with normal movements, are easily disolved and cnduce electrical noise due to the movements of the electrode wires carrying low level signals. This is where the importance of Biotelemetry comes to light. The specialisation of biotelemetry, applicable to human beings is called wireless medical telemetry. The Federal Communications Commission has defined wireless medical telemetry. The Federal Communications commission has defined wireless medical telemetry as the measurement and recording of physiological parameters and other patient related information via radiated bi or unidirectional electromagnetic signals. For the patients suffering from seniors body element, bioelemetry is a great boon. These systems enable patients to move freely, with no wires attached to them, and at the same time monitor electronically their symptoms and movements. Biotelemetry is a means of transmitting biomedical or physiological data from animals or human beings; from a remote location to a location that has the capability to interpret the data and affect decision making. Often the aim is to gather information with minimum disturbance to the subject, with distances ranging from few circumstances to several kilometers. The desired signal may represent a variable parameter such as the heart rate, body temperature etc. Signal may be transmitted using infrared or radio transmitted and they utilised the RF spectrum to convey the signal to the monitoring station.