Leo Satellite

In the present age of open economy, communication is rated as the infrastructure of infrastructures. This infrastructural era has passed through three different phases since the inventions of Morse s telegraphy and Graham Bell s telephony made nearly a century ago: Communication by connecting geographical points:Wired telephony, telegraphy, and fax are the examplesof this phase.

Communication by connecting machines rather than geographical locations or points: The cellular mobile telephony, paging, and cordless telephony are the examples of this phase. Wireless mode of communication and the support of mobility of machines are characteristics of this phase.

Communication by connecting people rather than geographic points or machines: This is the phase of personal communication, which is believed to be near-natural communication with value-added services. Personal communication is characterised by the PTN/UTN technique, the global coverage technology and the personal mobility (via wireless) technology. It facilitates a person to communicate with another person anywhere in the world, at any time with a single device.

and a single personal telecommunication number (PTN) or a universal telecommunication number. (UTN). It is understood that satellite communication in general and LEO (low earth orbit) satellite communication in particular shall be the major technology behind development process of personal communication. Satellite communication is driven by two important philosophies: First, that satellite is synonymous with wide-area coverage, including global coverage, and two, that satellite also means wireless communication, which supports man-machine mobility. It is interesting to note that both the required technologies related to personal communication are met with satellite communication.