Evolution Of Embedded System

A long breath-taking research in microelectronics, processor and the memory with the boon of low cost, have developed the embedded systems with number of applications. The birth of embedded system is in Florida by the Jacob s Family. The Rice-Sized chip developed by them and each of the Jacob s family member had one naming it as Verichip . This chip was made with Biocompatible materials and it was designed in such a manner to store entire medical history of the holder. In this inbuilt memory / intelligence basis, the Philips company launched its products with embedded technology in the fabrics of home to provide information about the members in the home.Now the embedded technology has widen its wings and grown to the state of wireless connectivity, networking, monitoring any application if it was embedded and connected the network/internet etc.A java enabled mobile can access data from internet and also control an air-conditioner in home/office.