Wearable computers

Wearable computing facilitates a new form of human - computer interaction based on a small body-worn computer system that is always ON and always ready and accessible. In this regard, the new computational framework differs from that of hand held devices, laptop computers and Personal Digital Assistants (PDA's).

The "always ready" capability leads to a new form of synergy between human and computer, characterized by long-term adaptation through constancy of user-interface. This new technology has a lot in store for you. You can do a lot of amazing things like typing your document while jogging, shoot a video from a horse-back, or while riding your mountain-bike over the railroad ties. And quite amazingly, you can even recall scenes that ceased to exist.

The whole of a wearable computer spreads all over the body, with the main unit situated in front of the user's eye. Wearable computers find a variety of applications by providing the user mediated augmented reality, helping people with poor eyesight etc. The MediWear and ENGwear are two models that highlight the applications of Wearable computers. However, some disadvantages do exist. With the introduction of "Under wearable computers" by Covert Systems, you can surely look ahead at the future of wearable computers in a optimistic way.