Todays file systems, which the system administrators observe to be always in the verge of data corruption and more over find it extremely difficult to manage due to its slow rate of execution has enabled ZFS to emerge as one of the most powerful file system. Used in Suns Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS), ZFS finds its edge over the other file systems by its unique features of

  • Cutting short the administrative difficulties by 80 percent by automating and combining complicated storage administration concepts.
  • It ensures the data integrity and safety of all data with 64-bit checksums that can detect and correct silent data corruption.
  • It offers more scalability by providing 16 billion times storage of 32 or 64 bit systems.
  • High performance gains are achieved by using the concept of transactional object model that removes most of the traditional constraints on the order of issuing I/Os.