Engineering Ferrous Metal

Engineering Ferrous Metal

Use of Ferrous Metals in Precision Presswork & Tooling
All metals can be classified as Non ferrous metals and Ferrous metals. Ferrous metals are those metals which contain iron. They may have small amounts of other metals or other elements added, to give the required properties. All ferrous metals are magnetic and give little resistance to corrosion.
Most commonly used ferrous metals are Mild Steel, High Speed Steel, Stainless Steel, High Tensile Steel and Cast Iron.

Here are some ferrous metals with are used for tool making, manufacturing of pressed components and other industrial supplies.

Mild Steel:

It is the most commonly used ferrous metal. Its major properties are Toughness, high tensile strength and ductility. It contains 0.15 to0.30% carbon. Because of low carbon content it can not be hardened and tempered. It must be case hardened. It is normally used in manufacturing of girders, plates, nuts and bolts and other general purposes.

Cast Iron:

Cast iron is another example of commonly used ferrous metal. It is hard, brittle, strong, cheap, and self-lubricating ferrous metal. It is remelted pig iron with small amounts of scrap steel. It can be classified as Whitecast iron, grey cast iron, and malleable cast iron. It is normally used in the manufacturing of heavy crushing machinery. car cylinder blocks, vices, machine tool parts, brake drums, machine handle and gear wheels, plumbing fitments etc. Its an important ferrous metal in automotive pressing.

High Tensile Steel:

It is very strong and very tough ferrous metal and is exclusively used for manufacturing of Gears, shafts, engine parts etc. This is one of the most frequently used ferrous metals in industries because of its strength, hardness and toughness.

Stainless Steel

Its another very important ferrous metal. It comprises of 18% chromium, and 8% nickel. Its special characteristic is its strong resistance to corrosion. Its common uses are Kitchen draining boards, Pipes, cutlery and aircraft.

High Speed Steel

High speed steel is also a ferrous metal. It contains medium carbon, tungsten, chromium and vanadium. It can be hardened, tempered and can be brittle. Its special characteristic is that it retains hardness at high temperatures.

High Carbon Steel:

High Carbon Steel is a ferrous metal which contains of 0.70% to 1.40% carbon. The major characteristic is its hardness. It is the hardest of the carbon steels, but is less ductile, tough and malleable. It is used in making os Chisels, hammers, drills, files, lathe tools, taps and dies.

Medium Carbon Steels:

As the name says, this ferrous metal contains less Carbon contents, 0.30% to 0.70%. It is stronger and harder than mild steels, less ductile, tough and malleable. It is used in making metal ropes, wire, garden tools, springs etc.