Impact of Infrastructural developments on the economy of the country

The term infrastructure is used to denote the conditions which are available for economic development of a region. In other words infrastructure can be defined as the facilities to be provided by the state or central government or local administration for overall development of a region. The facilities include power generation, transportation, health, education, water and sanitation and other public utilities.
The investments made on infrastructural developments have a profound impact on the economy of the country. Some of the effects of investment made on infrastructure is given below.

• Investment on infrastructral facilities result in increased job opportunities for both skilled and unskilled and literate and illiterate people. Eg: Construction of new roads, bridges & canals provide employment to large number of poor people.
• The creation of better infrastructure in a region motivate entrepreneurs to establish their own industries, service centers, commercial establishments etc. This will open up job opportunities to a number of unemployed people in the region. The improvements in job opportunities will have positive effect on economy.