Several types of positions exist in networking; each with different average salaries and long-term potential, and one should possess a clear understanding of these.
Unfortunately, job titles in networking and in information technology (IT) generally, often lead to confusion among beginners and experienced folks alike. Bland, Vague or overly bombastic titles often fail to describe the actual work assignments of a person in this field.
   The basic job titles one sees for computer networking and networking-related positions include.

Network administrator
         Network administrator is responsible for analysis, installation and configuration of company networks. Daily activities include monitoring network performance, troubleshooting problems and maintaining network security.

Network(system) Engineer
          Network engineers focus primarily on system upgrade, evaluating vendor products, security testing, and so on.

Network(service) Technician
         Network technician tends to focus more on the setup, troubleshooting and repair of specific hardware and software products. Service technicians in particular often travel to remote customer sites to perform “field” upgrades and support.

Network Programmer/Analyst
         They generally write scripts that aid in network analysis, such as diagnostics or monitoring utilities. They also specialize in evaluating third party products and integrating new software/hardware technologies into an existing network environment or to build a new environment.

Network/Information Systems Manager
           They supervise the work of administrators, engineers, technicals and programmers. Network/information systems managers also focus own longer-range planning and stragracy considerations.

Network Security Analyst
          The work of the security analyst is basically confined to the security solutions in large networks. They basically check the unauthorized of the network by any external user.