Most likely, you hope to get lots of visitors on your Web site.

Unfortunaly, visitors not always become customers...

Statistics show that people seldom buy anything the first time they visit a Web site, maybe the visitor is only looking for information for something he plans to purchase in the future. 
Will this visitor still find your site when he's ready to buy ?

Make sure your visitors return and keep them informed about your site and your business by publishing an optin Email newsletter ! A Newsletter is exactly what the two words that make up words mean, “news” and “letter”. Essential a Newsletter is comprised of a few pages on a particular subject matter. Business use newsletters quite often to send corporate information to both their employees as well as customers. A newsletter is a great way to keep people in the loop with business affairs. A periodically published document or message, containing news and announcements on a subject. Email Newsletters are an excellent vehicle for communicating with small to large audiences. Also referred to as an Email Newsletter or eNewsletter.A newsletter is a periodic publication by e-mail put out only to those people who subscribe to it. The purpose of a newsletter is to provide highly specialized information to a highly targeted audience. A newsletter is a regularly distributed publication generally about one main topic that is of interest to its subscribers. Many newsletters are published by clubs and or business, especially companies, to provide information of interest to its members or employees. Some newsletters are created as a money-making venture and sold directly to subscribers. Other newsletters can be distributed by family members as a cheaper, more personal subsitute for greeting cards. These often focus on specific topic of a timely nature such as politics (usually of a partisan slant) or business or investing advice.

Online newsletters

Many popular websites and businesses have online newsletters, known as eNewsletters, which are sent to their subscribers electronically, usually via email. Their purpose is to inform readers of updates to the site and/or provide information relating to the site's topic. Newsletters are also a factor in building and maintaining a relationship with the subscribers by reminding them of the site, urging them to return

eNewsletters, especially when originating from companies, is often thinly veiled spam, which is the unsolicited electronic distribution of advertising directly to consumers. Various websites that require registration often have an option to subscribe to various eNewsletters. These options are usually selected by default, which results in many users opting into the newsletter because they did not read the form carefully enough.