Displacement diagrams

Displacement diagrams
Displacement diagrams: In a cam follower system, the motion of the follower is very important. Its displacement can be plotted against the angular displacement θ of the cam and it is called as the displacement diagram. The displacement of the follower is plotted along the y-axis and angular displacement θ of the cam is plotted along x-axis. From the displacement diagram, velocity and acceleration of the follower can also be plotted for different angular displacements θ of the cam. The displacement, velocity and acceleration diagrams are plotted for one cycle of operation i.e., one rotation of the cam. Displacement diagrams are basic requirements for the construction of cam profiles. Construction of displacement diagrams and calculation of velocities and accelerations of followers with different types of motions are discussed in the following sections

(a) Follower motion with Uniform velocity:

(b) Follower motion with modified uniform velocity:

(c) Follower motion with uniform acceleration and retardation (UARM):

(d) Simple Harmonic Motion:

(e) Cycloidal motion: