01 After machining of the Tool components, quality was checked and dimension was inspected as per the drawing.

02 All parts were cleaned and lubricated for Assembly.

03 The mating surface of all was oil stoned for assembly.

04 Before assembling the tool, the fit of mating parts were checked individually.

05 All parts were numbered for easy assembly.

06 The guide pillars and guide bushes were assembled to the housing and tightened.

07 Blanking Die and Piercing Punches were inserted into the Punch Support Plate and were positioned into the top plate by means of screws.

08 The blanking Punch along with the strip guides and stripper plates was clamped to the bottom housing. All the screws were tightened to the respective places.

09 Clearance setting and sliding movement of the punches was confirmed.

10 The movement of punches and guide pillars were assured .It was matched with their respective inserts.