Auto-form is an extremely popular, class-leading modular suite of Simulation software used across a broad spectrum of industries. It’s open & flexible simulation solutions provide a common platform for fast, efficient & cost-effective product development, from design concept to final-stage & performance validation.

Auto Form is a process simulation tool for the sheet-metal sector that plays a pivotal role in achieving the following.

· Sheet blanking

· Hydro forming

· Sheet forming Deep Draw, Shallow Draw.

Auto form is used by industries for the following:

· Draw ratio optimization

· Prediction of thinning

· Optimization of blank holder force.

· Optimization of punch velocity

· Reduction of thinning regions.

· To incorporate Bauschinger effect for accurate spring back calculations.

· Improving the accuracy and shortening the product development time.

· Optimization of the punch load.

· Design cycles can be optimized for number of stages of forming.