Before beginning the designs make sure that method plan (deciding all the operation that has to be performed in order get finished component) is kept ready in all aspects.

  1. Decide the blank holder shape
  2. Decide for the beads at appropriate places for deeper draws
  3. For shallow draws provide some locations for trim dies in non working area

  1. Calculate the draw force required
  2. Calculate the cushion force required for blank holder as it plays an important role in flow of material
  3. Select the suitable press required either mechanical or hydraulic as specified by the customer
  4. Select the cushion area in such a way that it balances the blank holder
  5. Select for clamping slots required from the press layout
  6. Material for draw punch & die is HcHcr hardened to 56-58 HRC.
  7. Provide wear plates for draw punch & blank holder sliding at appropriate position so that it balances
  8. Provide guide pillars on blank holder & guide bush on draw die. So that there will be initial alignment between the draw die & blank holder.

  1. Provide heel guides with wear plates on draw die only if customer insists or other wise it is not necessary
  2. Decide for blank holder travel (blank holder surface should be always above the punch surface by 5-10 mm)
  3. Provide shoulder bolt at appropriate position & to be fastened to bottom punch/base plate so that in controls the travel of blank holder.