The injection molding process is used to turn plastic stock into finished products. Injection Molding employs sophisticated technology to process plastic stock into finished products. It requires precise motion, pressure, and temperature control.

The process involves many steps:

1) Plasticize the raw material: Heat the plastic stock hot enough to melt it, but not hot enough to damage it.

2) Fill the mold: Inject the plasticized material into the mold. This “shot” step requires precise motion and pressure control.

3) Pack the mold: Reduce the pressure to the pack value and maintain it for a specified time to assure the mold is full.

4) Hold time: Reduce and maintain the pressure at the hold value while the plastic cools.

5) Pressure release: Release the pressure and wait for the part to finish curing while moving the injector into position for the next part.

6) Open the mold: Both motion control and pressure controls are needed to operate the mold.

7) Eject the part: Ejection of moulded part by suitable ejection system and closing the mold so it is ready for the next cycle.