· Check the model feasibility to design.

· Identify critical and major dimensions.

· Build full product model using the tooling dimensions arrived in product data sheet.

· Decide parting line.

· Add drafts to the model considering tolerance for maximum material condition.

· Add shrinkage to the model.

· Generate surface as per the decided parting line.

· Split core and cavity.

· Extract side core.

· Insert creation considering manufacturing and assembly feed back.

· Feed system creation as per the standard or customer requirement.

· Provide ejection position in the component and inserts.

· Create mould base.

· Crate cooling holes.

· Conduct design review.

· Change the model or layout on review out put.

· Freeze the layout.

· Send to customer approval.

· Prepare detail drawings of insert and mold base elements.

· Release drawings to manufacturing.