Biomethane is "renewable natural gas" made from organic sources - which starts out as "biogas" but then is cleaned up, removing the impurities in the biogas, such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

"Cleaned-up" and ready for use in an onsite cogeneration or trigeneration power plant, the Biomethane could also be sold to a pipeline company and completely replace the "natural gas" that is typically transported to markets via the vast underground pipeline system.

Biomethane will some day replace the "methane" that is sold by the local gas companies.
Biomethane has an unlimited supply, whereas the methane sold by gas companies has a limited supply. Biomethane is renewable, whereas the methane sold by your gas utility company is not renewable. Biomethane recovery, use and production generates "Greentags" or a "Renewable Energy Credit" for the owners and is GOOD for our environment. The production and use of the natural gas sold by the gas company does NOT generate these incentives and new revenue streams and is NOT good for our environment.

As previously mentioned, Biomethane is "naturally" produced from organic materials as they decay. Sources of Biomethane include; landfills, POTW's/Wastewaster Treatment Systems, and every tree or agricultural product that is no longer living. Biomethane also generated from animal operations where manure can be collected and the Biomethane is generated from anaerobic digesters where the manure decomposes.

Biomethane, after installation of the Biomethane equipment is essentially free, as opposed to buying natural gas, presently costing around $10.00/mmbtu.
Methanogenesis, also called Biomethanation, is the production of CH4 and CO2 by biological processes that are carried out by methanogens.

Unlike the price of natural gas, which has been around $6.00/mmbtu to as high as $17.00/mmbtu this past year, Biomethane prices will tend to be more stable over the years as more and more Biomethane is produced, and produced in reliable and sustainable methods that can fuel the energy needs until a better fuel is found.