Resume is the first step of marketing program for an educated person. Resume is a French word which means ‘To summarise. It is the same as the bio-data, curriculum vitae. It represents a qualified person with all the details. Although you are well qualified and intelligent enough, if your resume in weak, you may not face an interview.

Therefore a good resume is a powerful tool to secure a job. Resume should portray you in the best possible manner. Resume is an important contact with an employer. Usually, a resume consists of two-three typed pages about the candidate.

Contents of Resume:
Resume should contain the most important and a lot of different information, as given here under
1. Personal data (Including Name, Address, Phone no., e-Mail ID, etc.)
2. Educational qualification.
3. Caste and sub caste.
4. Work experience, if any.
5. Other qualifications (Awards, Honours and publications etc.)
6. Sports and other interests.
7. Languages known.
8. Marital status.

Types of Resumes:
There are three kinds of resumes, namely:
1. A Traditional resume.
2. A Functional resume.
3. A Skills Emphasis resume.

1.A Traditional Resume:

This gives the clear list of the candidate’s educational qualification and work experience in the chronological order. It gives the clear information of the job titles, name of the company, school or colleges, dates of enrolment and employment etc., which are essentially needed for the employers. Some professions, viz Law, Finance and IT require such traditional resumes.

The traditional resume should contain the following points
• Continuity in work history
• If you are looking for a job, related to your cost experience
• A gap in past service
• Emphasis on no professional jobs

This traditional resume is not meant for class IV and below grade appointments.

2.A Functional Resume:

This resume contains even minor observations which are not preferable in traditional resume. It highlights your education and job experience and arranges them in a concise manner. It gives more importance to description of functions instead of employment, job titles, names of the company and dates of the employment. This contains the description about the functions which gives the satisfaction and your research. It also contains the way you interact and manage the people and solve the problems.

A functional resume must be existing and personal. Here you can mention abot sports and other extracurricular activities.
A functional resume is preferred in the following context.
1. Change in career
2. With other job oriented experiences, entering the job market with no work history.
3. Returning to the job market after a long gap.
4. Seeking a position unrelated to your previous employment.
5. Promotion from one position to another

3. A Skills Emphasis Resume
In format, this resembles a functional resume. It gives importance to identification. E.g.: Desired: Experience as a sales representative, leadership quality, communication skills, financial analysis and creativity etc.