A naming scheme is a plan for naming objects. In computing, naming schemes are often used for objects connected into computer networks.
Naming schemes in computing

Large networks often use a systematic naming scheme, such as using a location (e.g. a department) plus a purpose to generate a name for a computer. For example, a web server for a marketing department may be called "marwww01".

However, smaller networks will frequently use a more personalized naming scheme to keep track of the many hosts. Popular naming schemes include trees, planets, rocks, etc.

Network naming can be hierarchical in nature, such as the Internet's Domain Name System. Indeed, the Internet employs several universally applicable naming methods: Uniform Resource Names (URN), Uniform Resource Locators (URL), and Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI). For the technically inclined, the following article is worth perusing:

The choice of names may be limited by a length limitation (such as 15 character flat name space for NETBIOS), or may be limited by a character set limitation (such as hyphens not being allowed for SQL Server names).


The term network monitoring describes the use of a system that constantly monitors a computer network for slow or failing systems and that notifies the network administrator in case of outages via email, pager or other alarms. It is a subset of the functions involved in network management.

While an intrusion detection system monitors a network for threats from the outside, a network monitoring system monitors the network for problems due to overloaded and/or crashed servers, network connections or other devices.

Status request failures, such as when a connection cannot be established, it times-out, or the document or message cannot be retrieved, usually produce an action from the monitoring system. These actions vary: an alarm may be sent out to the resident sysadmin, automatic failover systems may be activated to remove the troubled server from duty until it can be repaired, etcetera.

Monitoring the performance of a network uplink is also known as network traffic measurement, and more software is listed there.