Running gearing

Running gearing


Running gearing is a new type of mechanism designed to transform progressive motion into rotary motion. The term "running gearing" is only a temporary name given to the mechanism and the mechanism has not yet been given its definite name.

The running gearing is developed by Mr. V.A.Vorgushin, an engineer, a M.T.S. in co-authorship with Mr. P.A. Shishkin, an engineer.

The technology of a running gearing makes it possible to withdraw from an engine its main component - a crank mechanism and to improve the engine's parameters.

The technology of the running gear can be applied to all formerly manufactured engines, equipped with crank mechanisms. Both modernization of the available stock of engines and realization of new projects may become a very profitable business for a number of years.


The arrangement of the engine is shown in figure-1. The running gearing is made up of toothed gear 1 seated on the engine shaft and being in constant mesh with gear frame 2. Gear frame 2 is shaped consisting of two racks of equal length and two toothed semicircles of equal radii. By this alternative the gear frame is connected to piston 3 of cylinder block 5 via a motion unit of Z axis.

For fixing of the extreme left and the extreme right positions of gear frame 2 (fixing of L dimension as per fig.) the device is equipped with a mechanism of dynamic fixing (not shown in fig.1).

A mechanism of dynamic fixing is the cam-type. It comprises a cam itself and two linear rests. The working face of the cam represents an arc of the sector of a circle. The cam and toothed gear 1 are seated on the axis of rotation of the shaft and they are stationary relative to each other. Linear rests are fixed along the gear racks; working faces of linear rests are the surfaces facing the axis of symmetry of the gear frame.


The comparison of the running gearing engine with conventional crank engine can be done under four categories. They are

1. Kinematics.
2. Gas dynamics.
3. Dimension and mass.
4. Production cost